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Lending Co Funding Broker Program

Welcome to the Lending Co Funding Broker Program.

You can earn $100, $200 or even $500 per funded loan submitted to Lending Co, funding. To become a paid referral partner, you must refer at least ten new clients.

The clients we accept for our referral program must fit into these simple guidelines:

1. Personal loans, Business loans/ lines of credit
2. 690 or higher Credit Score
3. No Bankruptcies, No Late Payments, Tax Liens or No Charge-offs
4. We Will Fund a Start-up Business to Bigger Corporations
5. Loans Starting from $25,000 to $250,000
6. All Loans and Credit Lines are 100% Unsecured (NO Collateral Required)
7. All Income Must Be Provable With Documents

Please Fill out the contact form!

Broker Program