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Personal / Business Agreement
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1. You agree to pay Lending Co. a loan consulting and placement fee of 9.9 % of the total dollar amount you accept or receive access to. The consulting fee is due to Lending Co. within 48 hours from receiving access to the funds.
2. You agree not to apply for financing at ANY of the lenders that Lending Co. recommends to you from today until 180 days from ending services with Lending Co. In the event that you do, you understand that Lending Co. full consulting fee will be due plus any applicable late charges.
3. Lending Co. may submit or refer you to submit an application to 1 to 5 credit providers. Some credit providers we have direct relationships with, and some we will use our expert placement skills to obtain your approvals. Each individual lender will do its own credit check.
4. Lending Co. agrees that you are never under any obligation to accept or receive any loan approvals Lending Co. obtains for you.
5. You understand that by proceeding with Lending Co. you are granting Lending Co. power of attorney to represent you, only in the act of the application and loan process, either written, electronically, verbally, or otherwise. Lending Co. does not have the authority to either accept or decline any loan on your behalf. You grant Lending Co the right to communicate with all lenders on your behalf verbally or through e-mail. You also grant Lending Co access to your credit report and understand that Lending Co may pull and view your credit report for up to 180 days from ending service with Lending Co.
6. Did you apply anywhere else or have anyone else apply you for an unsecured loan or line of credit within the past 60 days?
7. Do you have any open unsecured credit lines or loans?
By typing your name you make this a binding contract and understand that this agreement is bound by electronic signature and you agree to the aforementioned terms and conditions. This contract will only be cancelled after Lending Co. receives written cancellation from said client. From the date of written cancellation, Lending Co. has the right to review and access any and all credit reports for verification purposes only. Said client never has the right to cancel the 180 day review process. This signature must be that of the individual "signing" this document electronically otherwise it constitutes forgery under s.831.06, United States Statutes. The individual "signing" this document affirms that the facts stated herein are true.
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